Thursday, February 3, 2011

Muslims are Pagan?.

Koya20’s reply to sivarajah arasuAuthor draws my attention. He asked Sivarajah whether he is a Muslim to make comments such as those that he had done. To me, it is like saying that one must be a communist to comment on communism... what utter rubbish! Many of us read about Islam, if only out of curiosity as to why Muslims behave the way they do, that is, if not out of genuine interest.

Koya20 says: "... sadly PAS has labeled other Muslims are PAGAN." But isn't it true that many Muslims actually behave more like pagans than like Muslims? Honestly, I don't see much difference between the two in Malaysia, unless you say that Islam is ALL about abstaining from eating pork. And that is what most Malaysian Muslims do. If you think that many Malaysian Muslims puasa every year, you are indeed mistaken. What is the meaning of puasa when their expenses are three times more during the month of Ramadhan? To them, Ramadhan is not about fasting but about rescheduling their normal eating hours. And about menunaikan haji... yes, that is one of the major requirements of Islam. And what is its significance? I always thought that once someone becomes a haji, he naturally tries his best to be honest... that was until I was cheated by one of the managers of Pos Malaysia who is a haji. I thought that he would honor his words but instead, he play with his words. To many, I suppose menunaikan haji is just about taking a vacation and adding a title to their name. And after that, life goes on as before, with the same effort or non-effort to avoid sins and truly practise a religious life.

It is so pathetic to hear Koya20 says: "And on your statement of corruptions, treachery and others in politics. Are you soo shallow minded person that you would think there will be such political party in this world that will be soo clean from those actions? Please Sir, Wake Up! and stop living in a fairytale land.. We are Humans, Sir..Not an Angel or God."

Koya20 not only believes that he is profound in his thinking, he even believes that being corrupted and treacherous is right and bears no apology for his contention! Even though I am not a Muslim, I can tell you that this thinking is not what the Prophet would condone. It is unislamic, period. It is pagan-thinking, like what PAS is saying! Maybe Koya20 ought to call himself a non-practising Muslim… a legal member of the Islamic club, but not a follower of Islam... an associate, perhaps! But sadly, he is in the majority and not just part of a miniscule minority.

by ekompute